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Our Team

Dr. med. vet. Volker Kellewald

Chief Executive, specialist veterinarian for horses

After graduating in veterinary medicine in Munich, Dr. Volker Kellewald first worked for several years at “Schwarzwaldtierklinik” in Neubulach, followed by Tierklinik at Iffezheim racecourse. Since 2007 he has been working at Pferdeklink und Kleintierpraxis (horse clinic and small animal practice) in Maichingen GmbH and became a partner of the clinic in 2011. His main areas of expertise are orthopedics, dentistry and gynecology. He is a specialist  veterinarian for horses, with authorization for further training of specialist veterinarians for horses. 


Dr. med. vet. Eva Reischl

Practicing veterinarian since 1996. Additional training in animal physiotherapy and in animal acupuncture as well as gold acupuncture. Dr. Reischl is also a trained horse osteopath.
In addition, she works with wild animals in Romania and participates in various animal welfare projects abroad.
Dr. Reischl has been with our horse clinic and small animal practice in Maichingen ever since 2005. She completed additional training to become a Master of small animal science and is now allowed to use this title.

Dr. med. vet. Mirabela Schönberger

Graduation from USAMVT, veterinary medicine in Timisoara, Romania. Three years of residency in a small animal practice in Timisoara. Since October 2014 in our clinic. Specialized in the field of cardiology and advanced training in ultrasound examination heart, abdomen and X-ray thorax from a cardiological point of view, laboratory diagnostics.

Dr. med. vet. Silke Wäschle

After graduation with study visits to horse and small animal clinics in the USA with licensure in 1998, 4 months of self-employment in Norway. Since 1998 permanent employee at Beuttler-Stanger practice, later at our horse clinic and small animal practice in Maichingen  GmbH. Specialized in the treatment of small animals. Focus with advanced training in internal medicine: dermatology, endocrinology, hematology, ultrasound.
Dr. Wäschle has a special preference for small pets.

Anita Rühle

After graduation in 1998, with license to practice at Munich’s LMU university, assistant at the veterinary Hasenberg clinic in Stuttgart. From 2004 to 2005 substitute assignments in several small animal practices, followed by self-employment with her own small animal practice in Ditzingen. Anita Rühle has been with our horse clinic and small animal practice in Maichingen GmbH ever since October 2012.

Emira Grimm
Kristin Kippel
Dr. Marc Trump
Diplomate of the European College of Veterinary Surgeons, specialist veterinarian for horses

Dr. Trump is regularly at our clinic as a consultant surgeon. His specialties include orthopedic  surgery, with arthroscopy and fracture care, upper airway surgery including laryngeal whistler, surgery for kissing spines, laparoscopy.

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Business management

Dipl. oec. Barbara Kellewald
Barbara Kellewald, economist Head of Business Administration

From 2016 Barbara Kellewald has managed our clinic’s accounting and administration and took over complete business management in 2018. Her key responsibilities include invoicing,  accounting and recruitment.

Bianca Lechler
Management & Administration

Veterinary nurses

Kim Littig
Veterinary nurse

Kim successfully trained as a veterinary assistant (TFA) at the horse clinic and small animal  practice in Maichingen GmbH from 2010 to 2013, and has since been employed at our clinic as a veterinary nurse. Kim Littig is especially experienced in dealing with our horse patients.
She completed her training in the field of equine anesthesia and is responsible for feed consultation in our practice. She is our longest serving veterinary assistant.

Mara Ohngemach
Veterinary nurse

Mara joined our clinic in November 2016 and has advanced training in anesthesia for small  animals. Mara is responsible for hygiene management at our clinic.

Sabrina Lehnert
Veterinary nurse

Sabrina trained with us successfully as a veterinary nurse from 2000 to 2003 in what is now the horse clinic and small animal practice in Maichingen GmbH. Sabrina was temporarily on maternity leave, and rejoined our team in spring 2017.

Brigitte Essig
Veterinary nurse

Brigitte trained as a veterinary nurse in our practice from 1999 to 2002 and has been employed as a veterinary nurse at our clinic ever since. Brigitte has advanced training in anesthesia for horses and dental treatment for horses. She currently studies veterinary medicine in Munich and supports the team occasionally, especially during semester breaks.

Uesley Schmitt
Veterinary nurse

Uesley worked as an intern half day a week at the horse clinic and small animal practice in Maichingen GmbH from spring 2016 to July 2017.
He successfully trained as a veterinary assistant (TFA) at our practice from 2017 to 2020.

Frederike Raumer
Veterinary nurse
Lisa Wolf
Veterinary nurse
Rebecca Böttinger
Veterinary nurse

Rebecca successfully completed her training with us in 2020.

Jennifer Kain
Veterinary nurse


Aileen Gehrmann
In training to become a qualified veterinary nurse

Aileen started her training with us in 2018.

Anna Elisa Hellwig
In training to become a qualified veterinary nurse

Anna Elisa started her training with us in 2018.

Janine Klopfer
In training to become a qualified veterinary nurse

Janine started her training with us in 2019.

Sabrina Meltsch
In training to become a qualified veterinary nurse

Sabrina started her training with us in 2020.

Lea Breining
In training to become a qualified veterinary nurse

Lea started her training with us in 2020.

Practice maintenance

Bianca Bettendorf
Our wonderful fairy!

Bianca takes care of chaos removal.

In memoriam

Dr. med. vet. Paul Stanger

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