How to prepare for your visit to the vet

When coming to see us at the clinic, take a securely lockable transport basket with you as the  use of leashes, harnesses or backpacks is just as unsuitable as carrying your cat on the arm.  Your cat should be transported as stress-free and escape-proof as possible, bearing in mind  that visits to the vet usually mean stress for cats. They can become frightened and even  aggressive.  

Please bring along all paperwork in your possession such as vaccination records, package  inserts of medications administered, and examination records from other veterinarians. It is  best to jot down a few bullet points regarding your cat’s health status as described below.  Fecal samples and urine specimens may also help, depending on the trouble you might  suspect.  

Do remain calm and level-headed, even though that may be difficult in individual cases since  your confident composure will not only have a positive effect on your cat but will also ensure  that unpleasant examinations are better endured. You might like to reassure your cat with  cuddles and kind words. Even if your cat behaves in a panic, do stay calm and manage your  emotions.  

If you have any suspicions as to your cat’s possible trouble, do evaluate any potential causes  in advance. Has something changed in your cat's environment, e.g. contact with other animals,  renovation work, unusual travel or similar? We will ask appropriate questions and, along with  you, will come up with a treatment plan.

Your cat at the vet‘s: some vital key points for you  

  • what changes do you notice in your cat?

  • how long have these signs of change been around?

  • are there any triggers for the disease / injury? (a fall, medication, change of food,  poisoning, etc.)

  • any other abnormalities?

  • do you notice any changes in the cat's character or behavior?

  • any abnormalities in the cat’s feces and urine?

  • do you notice any changes in eating or drinking behavior?

  • does the cat vomit more frequently than usual?

  • does the cat groom itself normally?

  • does the cat react sensitively when certain parts of its body are touched?

  • has anything changed in the cat's environment (e.g. different furniture, a move, change  of caregivers, death of a companion)?

All I can say is this: the clinic’s staff is absolutely competent, friendly and just great. ‘Coffee’  is blossoming more and more every day, thanks to you!


“The clinic’s team is competent, friendly and patient even in difficult situations – irrespective  of emergency calls or calls on the weekend! Simply super !!!”  


A very pleasant atmosphere with empathetic staff. We feel very comfortable here.


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