Your dog at the vet: some useful tips

Strange smells and unfamiliar sounds: irritations for your dog  

The new unknown environment alone, combined with unfamiliar smells (especially from  many other dogs) can cause considerable nervousness in dogs. It is thus of great help if  mistress or master manage to get their own nervousness under control. By preparing well for  your visit to the vet, preferably already during first routine examinations, it will be easier for  you and your dog later, should an emergency arise. You may be confident that, with us, your  dog is in the best possible care.

Vaccination certificate and important documents for the vet

A little organization and bureaucracy are necessary. The vet should know as much as possible  about your dog's history. That’s why you should take your pet’s vaccination certificate and all  medical documents in your possession along. When did you last deworm your dog and what  medication did you use? If the dog is on other medications, please take them along as well or  make a note of their name. 

Of equal importance when visiting the vet: proper training of your pet  

Your pet’s good training will be sound preparation. For example, it is important that your pet  allows touching everywhere. Paws, mouth, ears and eye area are sensitive spots for dogs. Do  pet these body parts at every opportunity to get your pet used to these touches. Gently opening  its mouth occasionally is also good preparation. Puppy dogs should be used to the brushing of  their teeth. We will be glad to show you how to do that in the best way.

Sniffing at each other helps

On getting a dog or your dog changing vets, you should present your pet to our clinic as soon as possible. An initial examination provides a welcome opportunity to get to know each other,  in addition to receiving quick feedback on your dog’s state of health. Regular vaccination and  deworming of puppies are necessary anyway.  

The first meeting of your new family member at the vet’s has many advantages since it can be arranged in a casual, positive way as opposed to being due to an emergency. Treats for your  dog, lots of petting and your dog experiencing that exams don’t hurt are important insights for  dogs, taking away their fear. Why not take advantage of the visit yourself and ask us about optimal keep and feeding. You will also receive valuable advice on what to do in case of an  emergency.  

Dogs don't need your sympathy at the vet’s  

In fact, showing pity at the vet’s makes the situation worse as your dog is very sensitive to  your moods. By making your dog believe that he is poorly and in a very bad way, he will  believe it, followed by whining and complaining. While you may have pity, do try not to  show it to your dog but show him that you are proud of him.

Get trained in patience – your own patience!  

Dogs are no machines. In a vet’s practice, unforeseen things happen all the time and need to  be dealt with. Do stay patient, please, even if things take a little longer. You may rest assured  that we will do our best to help your dog as best and fast as possible. After all, you surely  would like us to take the necessary time for your dog instead of processing him in a hurry.

Pre-treatments change the clinical picture  

If your pet is experiencing problems, please don't wait too long to visit the vet. The more  advanced a disease is, the more complex tends to be its treatment, and the more expensive it  turns out in the end. Your precise information about the disease and your pet's history will  make it easier for the vet to arrive at a diagnose. So tell him how long the problem has  existed, what other symptoms you have noticed, and whether the animal has been pre-treated,  either by another veterinarian or by yourself. Honesty is key here since any pre-treatment will  distort the clinical picture, thus potentially leading your vet down the wrong path.

Fix appointments in advance  

Even vets take time off once in a while which is why our clinic staff appreciate your sticking  to our clinic’s office hours. In special cases, e.g. if you have an extremely fearful animal, most  veterinarians will be willing to make appointments. The same applies to emergencies as no  vet will refuse treating your pet even on the weekend. However, do make sure ahead of time  that the practice is staffed to ensure a vet will be waiting for you.  

Welpe beim Tierarzt - Kleintierpraxis Maichingen

All I can say is this: the clinic’s staff is absolutely competent, friendly and just great. ‘Coffee’  is blossoming more and more every day, thanks to you!


“The clinic’s team is competent, friendly and patient even in difficult situations – irrespective  of emergency calls or calls on the weekend! Simply super !!!”  


A very pleasant atmosphere with empathetic staff. We feel very comfortable here.


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