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Internal veterinary medicine and endoscopy

Examination and therapy of the respiratory system

  • laboratory diagnostics including blood gas analysis

  • endoscopy and video documentation of the respiratory tract (tracheoscopy and  bronchoscopy) with collection of tracheobronchial secretions (TBS) for laboratory  diagnostics (outpatient and inpatient)

  • ultrasound examination of the lungs (especially in foal pneumonia)

  • X-ray examination of the lungs (inpatient)

  • taking of lung biopsies

  • examination of the nasal cavities, paranasal sinuses, air sacs and larynx

  • lung lavage

  • inhalation therapy with individual therapy plan (inhalers are also available for rent)

Examination and therapy of the digestive tract

  • endoscopy of the esophagus and stomach (gastroscopy)
  • ultrasound examination of the abdomen
  • rectal examinations (also sonographic)
  • intensive care of internal medicine and colic patients
  • abdominal punctures and analysis of punctates
  • conservative and intensive therapy colic treatment  

Examination and therapy of the urinary tract

  • ultrasound examination of the kidneys/ureters/bladder

  • endoscopy and video documentation of the bladder/urethra (cystoscopy)

  • laboratory diagnostics:

    • Blood examination including kidney values

    • Urinalysis (catheter urine) 

Examination and therapy of the cardiovascular system

  • ultrasound examination of the heart

  • laboratory diagnostics (determination of inflammatory values)

  • examination and therapy of the skin

  • skin scraping (examination of superficial parts of the skin and hair)

  • skin biopsy (examination of all skin layers)

  • laboratory diagnostics (trace element deficiency, endocrinological imbalances)

  • surgical removal of skin tumors (e.g. equine sarcoid) by laser surgery

  • treatment of large, poorly healing wounds by means of soft laser (inpatient)  

Our values

What our clinic stands for

"What drives us as a team is the well-being of your animals.” 

— Dr. med. vet. Volker Kellewald

  • we are attentive
  • we do our heart in it
  • we are professional
  • wer are competent

We help in emergencies

In an emergency, fast and unbureaucratic help is needed.  

You may reach us 24/7 at the above emergency number and throughout the year. 

We love animals

Helping your animal is our calling, be that your racehorse or your guinea pig. 

We bring both our heart and expertise to every treatment! 

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